Don’t be caught short of your profit plan objectives. From simple consulting to fully mapped out marketing plans, strategies, and tactics for every potential market target available to your golf business, the service provided to owners and managers through PALADIN can mean the difference between making money and losing money. In golf, the purist will refuse a mulligan. In business, however, you take a mulligan whenever you can find one.

Economic Market Overview:
An analytic review of the economic statistics and dynamics of your market, and trends likely to impact your golf market in the near future, in order to evaluate new and emerging revenue sources for you to target.

Demographics/Player Model:
A study of golfer demographics at your course; who is playing, when, and how frequently. The results of this study are critical to realizing exactly where you stand in positioning your golf course in your market place. You can’t plan for where you want to be unless you know where you are.

Primary Business Target Overview:
A review of geographic targets and the marketing programs and strategies that will be implemented to capitalize on these existing revenue generating opportunities. (Re: outside play, membership play, group business, tournaments, partnership programs, discount golf, and frequency marketing programs.)

Competitor Analysis:
A thorough marketing and business analysis of your top six to 12 competitors. This report will be used as a foundation from which to build an aggressive marketing plan tied to significantly increasing rounds played in all Primary Business Target segments.

S.W.O.T. Marketing Analysis:
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats–An objective review of your courses strengths with the area golfing public, weaknesses as compared to your competition, revenue opportunities in the market that you have not addressed, and threats from your local golf market that may cause revenue losses if not reviewed, evaluated, and acted upon.

Marketing Revenue Plan (MRP):
Generating a realistic annualized marketing revenue plan based on goals and objectives identified during the budgeting process. The MRP focuses on new annual revenue opportunities discovered through the demographics/player model, competitor analysis, and the S.W.O.T. analysis broken down into specific business segments.

Calendarized Marketing Revenue Plan:
Using historical data, or realistic projections for new courses, a calendarized revenue plan is developed to annualize objectives; breaking them down into monthly or quarterly revenue numbers to be obtained. The smaller the accounting increment is, the more attainable it will appear to your pro shop team.

Marketing Strategies and Tactics to Reach Objectives:
A detailed narrative of the strategies and tactics that will be employed, and by whom, to reach stated MRP objectives. This section will detail the ‘who, what, when, and hows’ of personnel activity necessary for your marketing and revenue objectives to be realized.

Advertising and Media Marketing:
Media marketing services are available to determine the most advantageous mix of promotional vehicles (newspapers, magazines, billboards, direct mail, etc.) needed to reach MRP objectives. Budgets will be generated and tailored to attain these objectives. This portion of your courses marketing plan includes a critique of existing ads and promotions, while over viewing the proposed plan and budget rationale.

Advertising Stylebook
In-house, PALADIN can economically create an ad stylebook that will include all ad formats and ad sizes likely to be used in the promotion of the course. The stylebooks include: ad sizes, ad formats, all copy positioning, font styles and sizes, and golf icons to be used reflecting the uniqueness of your course.

Collateral and Fulfillment Materials Design and Production:
In-house services are available to design and monitor the production of the collateral and fulfillment materials you will need to implement your marketing plan: rack cards, brochures, group business presentation, membership materials, direct mail, printing, and photography at significantly less expense to you than current market averages.

Research Surveys:
The two most critical research surveys you will need in the creation of your marketing plan are 1) the Demographics/Player Profile, and 2) the Competitor Analysis. To complete these surveys takes time. But, initially, reliable research can be gathered in just days. Each of these surveys, independent of themselves, is invaluable to the creation of a sound marketing plan.

Evaluation of Annual Marketing Goals:
To all Paladin Golf Marketing clients this is a service delivered in the fall of every year that reviews the highlights, and pitfalls, of our marketing activities and how we performed in reaching our objectives quantitatively.

Sales and Marketing Audits:
Weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and quarterly sales and marketing audits can be arranged for through PALADIN to monitor the success of the marketing plan based on objectives. After an overview with the sales person (usually by phone), management will receive a written account of successful activities and, also, tasks that require additional attention. These audits represent a necessary tool for management to effectively evaluate the ability for his/her club to reach profit plan objectives and maximize revenues.

Contests and Incentives to Inspire Results:
PALADIN’s service doesn’t stop with identifying revenue opportunities and delivering a marketing plan for achieving objectives. Often, course owners are faced with a personnel pool that have never focused on “marketing” their course aggressively. PALADIN is able to reduce personnel stress levels while the course embarks on aggressive marketing activities by creating appropriate contests and incentive programs that ease all employees towards participating and succeeding in identifying new revenue sources and achieving new course rounds and revenue objectives