Growth Competition

Competition Grows in the ’90’s
Golf Course Marketing Chess BattleYou may need marketing help and have not yet realized it.

PALADIN Can Be Your Source for Successful Growth in These Competitive Times

In 1986, at the golf industry’s first National Golf Summit, the National Golf Foundation (NGF) proclaimed that the US needed at least one new course opening per day to keep up with the expected demand for play through the year 2000. With that national golf demand projection, golf course construction was booming by 1990 with over 300 courses opening that year. However, beginning at the end of 1991 and continuing through 1997 play decreased by almost 15 million rounds and player attrition from 1990 to 1991 was at or near 3 million (people exiting the game). From 1991 on, though, 300 to 400 new courses have opened every year with 450+ courses opened in 1998 alone and 485 courses projected to open in 1999. All this while the demand for golf (# of rounds) has remained stagnant; 15 million rounds below the record high in 1991. (There was a blip upwards in this growth indicator for 1997 but even the National Golf Foundation isn’t making much of it until the 1998 numbers are evaluated.) There have been as many golfers exiting the game each year as we, as an industry, continue to entice them to try the game each year. Which means that the money they spend on golf and golf related purchases is potentially spread between more and more courses. For golf business owners to get their preferred share of the market they will have to exceed golfers expectations for service and course conditioning and, most importantly, market to them effectively and efficiently: inform them who you are, where you are, and the value of your golf experience compared to the dollars being spent. Then, “ask for the order”; invite and entice them to play your course rather than the one down the street.

Don’t be caught short of your profit plan objectives. From simple consulting to fully mapped out marketing plans, strategies, and tactics for every potential market target available to your golf business, the service provided to owners and managers through PALADIN can mean the difference between making money and losing money. In golf, the purist will refuse a mulligan. In business, however, you take a mulligan whenever you can find one. Call PALADIN for a Free Marketing Consultation.