Driving Course Revenue

To begin generating revenue for your golf course, open the doors. Somebody will play.
However, to drive revenue through your doors, you’ll need to create a marketing plan that everyone on your team understands and follows. The purpose of your golf course marketing plan is to maintain existing levels of play-or for new courses, to guarantee a minimum level of outside play– and to steer new revenues into time periods currently, and predictably, available on your tee sheets. Surprisingly, many golf course owners don’t spend as much time ‘marketing’ their facility as they do with, say, ordering inventory, or watching over F & B expenses. These owner/operators are not alone. Even big companies like General Motors, IBM and K-Mart make marketing mistakes that are only now being realized at the cash register. The real problem is that once you make your marketing mistake(s) the competition runs off with your business. To regain that play, you have to wait for your competition to make mistakes and then plan strategies and tactics to exploit their adverse situation.

So, how do you avoid making marketing mistakes in the first place? The easy answer is “planning”. create a sound marketing plan for your course early on, and follow it.

In the “Marketing Plan Elements” section of this web site you’ll access an overview and brief narrative of the primary elements of a complete golf course marketing plan that PALADIN Golf Course Marketing can help you with in its entirety to begin constructing your golf course’s strategic marketing plan for deriving maximum revenue based on your market and the position your course holds, or should command.