About Us

PALADIN Golf Marketing started helping Golf Course Owners in 1984.

Paladin’s foremost goal for each client we take on is to successfully generate more than its “fair share” of play from any given locale by implementing sound golf course marketing strategies and tactics.

PALADIN Golf Marketing lives by two philosophies:

“Success Comes to Those Who Plan and Market Wisely”
The golf course marketing plans that PALADIN will help you generate, or generate for you, will contain no grand trade secrets on how to increase play. If the truth be known, there aren’t any. PALADIN will, however, guide you through the “insights” learned, and taught, over the past 3 decades, to expedite the process of identifying potential incremental play targets in your market, design efficient and effective campaigns for attracting that targeted play, and organize your team to capture this business at your cash register based on your unique market circumstances.

“Don’t Learn from Your Own Mistakes, Learn from Other Peoples Mistakes and Don’t Make Them.”
Bill Davis, late founder of Golf Digest.
For some golf course owners hiring a consultant to assist them in developing a marketing plan may, at first glance, seem like an extraordinary expense. However, any one on PALADIN’s client list will attest that PALADIN’s personal attention to details unique to their market place, plus the 3 decades of golf marketing expertise from its principal, provided them the opportunity to realize significant incremental revenue faster, and from sources they may never have targeted. “It’s not that I, or any of my team, provides ‘magic’ marketing solutions to golf course owners,” says Jack Brennan, Principal, PGM. “From our years of combined experience, we’re able to review a golf market and identify untapped revenue opportunities while avoiding marketing mistakes made by others in similar market circumstances.” adds Brennan.